Instant Refunds

At Instant Refund we strive to get you as much of your hard earned money back. We also know you'd like to get that tax refund check in your hands as fast as possible. We have years of experience preparing tax returns and offering our customers refund solutions for getting your cash back fast. Come visit one of our locations and let us work hard to get you that money in your hands.

Instant Refund Cash Rebate

Need some quick cash back fast? Starting on December 21, 2015 you can get up to $100 instant Prebate! On the spot! This is limited time offer so get into one of our locations now!

RAL Alternative

We've teamed up with a leading provider to offer a consumer friendly refund anticipation loan alternative. We provide a 0% interest, 0% APR, non-recourse refund anticipation loan alternative via select tax professionals nationwide. We're changing the way people feel about RALs. There are no hidden fees, surprise fees, late fees or any other type of fees. Clients who receive a loan pay $0 more than those who do not.

Earn up to $100 FOR EACH


$500 consumer friendly
RAL alternative